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Echoes from The Chamber

* An extract from the Hopi Blue Star prophesy *


There will be messengers that will precede the coming of the Purifier.


They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways


The messages will be found written in the living stone.........


Bear this strongly in mind as you discover the incredible beginning the end of this book.

  The Guardian of

The Reception Chamber

Share the Life Odyssey of the Author charting 50 years of Profound Supernormal Experiences in preparation for a special task in Egypt...


Now following a decade of below-the-radar exploration beneath the Giza Plateau and in the Great Pyramid,

accompanied by twin flame Judith, there has been a spectacular discovery.


Our Ancient Ancestors left a Secret Message for us which may change your view of our Origins forever.



BOOK ONE : Remembering the understanding of Matter and Afterlife


BOOK TWO: Interrogating questions and facing the Answers


BOOK THREE : Returning to the Underground and the Secrets of the Ancients.


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Brian: I started this book with a sceptical mind and thoughts of, 'Will I ever get to the end.' But as I read I gained more interest into the mind of the writer Richard Gabriel. What a mind that turned out to be. I read every page from start to finish with growing interest.


There were some parts that I hungered for more info and some that made me smile on a slant that the writer had put on a situation. There were some very personal items of information on the writer's private life and childhood, and some lovely personal stories. Throughout 10/10 will interest the scientific reader, the traveller and readers interested in Egypt.


Also the animal Foundation at the end held my interest and I am wondering if there will be a follow-up on this subject. I do hope so. I look forward to reading more. Keep them coming and good luck with future expeditions.




Bruce :   As a researcher on fringe subjects I consider myself reasonably well read, having gathered some 300 or so books related to my research activities (and read most of them). Some books have blown my mind whilst others were very mundane and boring or extremely hard to follow. Over the last five years I have at times reviewed books here on the site; generally these are ones I enjoyed. With this in mind I decided to post a review of my favourite book of the year 2012, chosen from those actually published in that year.


Without further ado the book that impressed me most in 2012 was ‘Echoes From The Chamber’ by Richard Gabriel. Irrespective of the fact that I personally know the author to be a man of great character, the book is quite simply extremely well written, and clearly painstakingly edited by his own hands (lacking the budget for an editor).


Really this book is actually a trilogy in one large volume, having thre distinct sections and it is perhaps best to talk of these three sections individually.


Section one gives us a detailed explanation of the seemingly mysterious workings of our reality. We are gently walked through an understanding of reality to quantum levels and even beyond.


The interactions of our level of existence with higher dimensional realms are explained in detail, yet all done so without baffling the reader. The book cleverly weaves in some personal experiences along with the currently understood scientific principles, some of which may be currently considered as on the cutting edge of quantum physics.


We are then taken on a journey of discovery regarding the way in which a human presence (spirit person in flesh) operates within the matrix of energies making up existence itself, this includes an examination of some of the spirit realms as well as some effects on us down here in the physical that actually have higher level causes.


There is plenty here for or those interested in the truth behind dark matter, quantum particles and higher dimensional physics. Thankfully Richard makes the explanations highly accessible to even the layman reader, interesting examples are given that include some extremely traumatic personal life experiences of the author himself.


Without revealing too much I can say that Richard has been to hell and back in his personal journey and this fact gives him the compassion for the reader of one whom really knows the pains that we can experience in life. You might say that he provides an interesting real world example of the seekers journey as it is sometimes portrayed in esoteric understanding.


In my own opinion it is only possible to talk fully on higher spiritual process and the related phenomena if one has actually directly experienced and tested some of these. As Richard rightly states, it is only necessary to have one true Out of Body Experience (OOBE) to know that the consciousness is not the physical body and that it thus operates by higher laws than just physical. As someone with several such OOBE I agree fully with this assertion.


The problem is then to convey the full scope of our reality to those that have not directly experienced it. Direct experience cannot be fully transferred to another party by descriptive words, instead the evidence for the existence of higher functions is fully explained and explored, allowing the best chance of a full sharing of the understanding Richard has gained on his decades long journey (really on a much longer journey that has taken many lifetimes for him to get to where he is on his path).


Though some of the science research included can be found elsewhere, so much of it is brought together in one place that it saves reading several other books. This is not a journey in which the reader has to take on faith any of the writers conclusions, everything contained is intended to be tested against reality and challenged if necessary.


Section two is a made up of a large number of questions to the author, along with his detailed answers. These are taken from real questions put to the author by visitors to his website over the years. The questions chosen are ones that address the major subjects in our lives and personal spiritual paths. Such matters are included as God, love, vegetarianism, truth, human origins, suicide and much more. Some very insightful answers are provided on each subject.


It is refreshing to see the author of a ‘spiritual’ book fielding such profound questions from the public, including many of the big questions that come up in all of our lives, after all we do not often get to see our questions put to an author and see how they respond. This section really lets the reader get to know the understandings of the writer. There is no however no importance put upon the author in the material, he remains simply an example and a narrator not becoming the subject of the book in any way that might have one thinking this is a an autobiography or an attempt to become a guru of any kind, there is a great degree of humbleness and heartening honesty throughout.


I found many of the answers spoke directly to me and my own journey through life and through my own personal self-development work. I was personally really gripped by some of the answers that took us back to before the fall of spirits into physical existence.


The third section may be the one that grabs the most members of the pubic, it certainly tackles a subject few readers here will not be interested in, the direct exploration of secret areas under the Pyramids of Giza.


I was personally fortunate enough to go on one adventure under the sands of Egypt with Richard in late 2011, so for me this explosive material is actually a part of my own journey. Where I have spent years looking at the Mayan knowledge, including some direct exploration, Richard has spent far longer with his focus on Egypt and its true past.


He takes us on his physical journeys to Egypt, these explorations stretch for over ten years. I really do not know of anyone that has seen more of the hidden secrets of Egypt than Richard, and his written material certainly backs this up. I suppose the fact that I have been on a secret exploration with him also does not hurt when it comes to believing he really is going to all the places he says he is, I have seen things that blow my mind and I can only imagine some of the incredible sights his eyes have seen (of course some are detailed clearly in the book).


Richard, along with his twin fame Judith, has followed a trail of solid evidence to a lost civilisation that founded the first dynasties of Egypt, the data he uncovered also directed his attention to beings from an off planet location, somewhere in the vicinity of the Pleiades star cluster.


I think that it is not exaggeration to say that Richard is a real life Indiana Jones, he has risked his life both in his dealings with the powerful figures of the Plateau and in his physical explorations under the sands.


This is not a story with a conclusion just yet as he is still travelling to and fro between the UK and Egypt, especially as he has recently incorporated a non-profit organisation to help the animals of Giza alongside continuing his own research.


What we are able to conclude is that there is a labyrinth of tunnels under Giza still being officially denied, whilst the same officialdom enters and pillages the network in secret, and that thieves of all kinds are removing incredible objects from the sands of Egypt, whilst Richard takes nothing but photos almost all of which can be seen on his website.


This is the factual ultimate travel and adventure story, with the added factor of informing us of our true historical roots as a higher race.


For me it is clear that Echoes From The Chamber constitutes a timely download for the planet, the information contained is needed by so many people that currently feel lost and confused in our sickened world. The three sections come together to give us a really complete view of life, the universe and everything – with a rip roaring adventure to boot!






On this occasion the feeling of impending arrival was overpowering. I sat there droopy eyed, writing pad in hand, with no ideas but filled with increasing anticipation. I just stared into the far distance of the wall, waiting and waiting; but nothing came to me despite the huge build-up of energy. Eventually, drowsiness overtook me and I must have dozed off to sleep.


My next recollection was of jolting wide-awake as if struck by lightning. My head was pounding and I was on my feet in a split second. For a short time there were flashes of light behind my eyes. I have tried several times to find an adequate description for the impressions in my mind in that moment. The closest I can manage is to remind everyone of the movie called Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. His active memory was falsely programmed into his mind. Eventually he has a total memory recall of his true lifetime. In my case, as I awoke, Gnosis was complete.




Being alone in the natural tunnel system for hours has been a wonderful experience. Judith and I had already felt the change in vibrational atmosphere there, but when I turned off my flashlight it was something quite new.


Here I was in the depths of the underground which had obsessed my mind since I knew of them. I had woken from dreams of the place so many times; and on one of a few lucid dreams, or involuntary Out of Body experiences I adventured beyond the Tube Tunnel blockage to explore the deeper tunnel network


I sat there long, listening to the silence until the noise crept in.

I don't know if others know what I mean by describing the noise of silence, where the mind becomes centred beyond physical senses and a euphoric feeling creeps in.


The mind reaches to another place and in this case I sensed the huge ancient importance of my surroundings.

I sensed lush smells and the sounds of purpose and orderly bustle.


I did not feel alone at any time, and in fact waves of invisible wind constantly pricked up the hairs on my body.


There was no feeling of discomfort but quite the opposite feeling of familiarity and of long lost knowledge.


At last I had the privilege of embracing these feelings; but a deep sadness filled me also for the violation of ignorance which was abusing and avoiding the message that was still hidden here and waiting to be reclaimed.







Pre ~ Ramble to the Event 003   What makes a Total Person::::

Formations                          004 Genetic Strings        107

Matters of Quantum                025 Stellar Influences              108

Knowing the Atom                   027 Automatic Responses       108

Plate 1: Basic Atomic Structure     031 Traits of Conditioning        109

Rules of Vibration and Dark Matter 032 and Free Will                      109

At the bottom of the Microscope     036 Environment                      110


Gross Scenarios with:::: The Engine that drives the Body     111

The Leaf on a Branch        045 Astral Journeys 120

Echoes from the Past         045 Awake when Asleep 126

Jungle Beauty                    047 Waking Up 132

Dead Reckoning                 050 What about Karma 134

Planning to Heal                 052 Matters of Conscience 137

Plate 2 Living Map for any Person 139

One to One                                     057 The Law of Probability 144

Learning by Curves                       061 The Birth Plan 147

Perfectly Normal Afterlife                063 Descent or Ascent 157

The Abyss in Real Time                 067 God Belief 160

A Challenge to Reality                    073 Taking Stock 165

Unwinding the Connections            076 Chains of Conditioning 169

How they could also understand     085 A Time to Die 171

A look into the Higher Realms         088 The Future is Now 176

The Man of many Colours              092 Reflections 181

Understanding Sexuality               095 Heading for The Chamber 182






Suicide                     185                            Intent                          222

God                          188                            Within                         222

Absolute Self            189                            Intervention 1              223

Absolute Truth         189                            Intervention 2              224

New Truth                190                            Intervention  3             224

Meditation                190                            Intervention  4            225

Meat                        192                             Intervention 5             225

Pain                         196                             Intervention 6             225

Joy                          199                             Comment                    226

Peace                       200                            Music                          230

Mentality                  201                             Differences                  233

Transplants               202                           Murder                        235

Experiences             203                            Self Service                  237

Insecurity                  204                            Comment                    238

Channelling              206                            Prophet                       239

Wind                          208                           Comment                    239

Sexes                        210                            Automatics                  242

Schools                     210                            Didactics                     244

Mistakes                   216                            Animals                       245

Workings                  216                            Crystals                       246

Time                          218                            Quoted                       247

Falsehood                 220                            Connections                248

Love                           221                            Karma                         249

Intervention 1            221                            Consciousness            250

Epilogue                    253 Heading for the Underground at last   256






Our Journey of the Last Decade                               261

First Contact in Cairo                                                262

The Visitation in Jesus’ Grotto                                  264

The Message at the Wailing Wall                             266

Picking up The Story                                                 268

The First USA Visit                                                    271

A Meeting with the Wolf                                            272

The Exploding Bowl                                                  274

Our first return to The Sands                                    276

The Horse Cave                                                        279

The Man with the Broken Leg                                   282

Time with the Blessed Father                                   286

Explosions in The desert                                           288

The Coffer Vision                                                      290

The Experiment in the Kings Chamber                     292

The Intonement Recording                                       297

The Capstone Experiment                                        299

The Mysterious Bedouin                                           301

The Rock Dog                                                           303

An Introduction to the Underground                          305

A Handful of Sand                                                     308

Lost to the Desert                                                      310

The Strange Desert Petroglyph                                 313

Senior Connections and the Holy Family                  315

Double Dealings and Betrayal                                   317

Entering the Village as Chickens                               319

Ancient Finds in the Village                                       322

The Ghosts of Abu Lifa                                             330

The Mystery Temple of Sobek                                  335

Treasures on our Doorstep                                       337

The Connections Start to Appear                              339

Getting Close to the Source                                      344

Starting Back to the Future                                       345

Ticking Boxes at Other Sites                                     348

The Solar Cross                                                        351

The Sun Temple of Abu Ghurab                               353

The Underground Vortex and Stargate                     355

Free Explorations on the Plateau                              357

Henutsen and the Temple of Isis                              362

The Causeway shafts and The Osiris Tomb             364

The Central Mastaba Field                                       367

Qar, Idu, Meresankh and Seshemnefer 1V               369

Going Back 4500 years                                             372

The Magnetism of NC2                                             375

Reflections and the Final Revelation …for now!       386

Don’t dare forget The Animals                                  389

School’s Out                                                             393


Plate 3:  Featuring the Sphinx Harbour with the GP in the background.         395

Plate 4:  The corner of Nazlet el-Samaan Village. The Harbour is right of pi      396

Plate 5:  The Entrance to the Tomb of North Cliff 2  (NC2)                                 397

Plate 6:  The Schematic of the known front levels of the NC2 Chambers          398

Plate 7:  The Schematic of the Tunnel/Cavern system beyond the NC2 Tomb  399



Following Pictures ::: From the depths of NC2 Featuring the concealed illustrations

Orbs, Ogham script and carvings (Back Cover)

Some time has passed since the publication of Echoes from The Chamber but we have not been idle. The story continues. Our research with the hidden illustrations has revealed a worldwide phenomena at special sites where we have discovered they also occur. We have been able to make compelling deductions. Their style is generic in nature and their origins reach back to a sophisticated ancient time long before the teachings of modern history. We shall be pursuing unassailable evidence of them soon and this will be published separately. In the meantime, those interested should visit our main website to view the huge accumulation of files and photographs within the NC2 section @ (Tip: highlight/right click/go-to)


Our second but equal desire is to proceed with our plans to build a new Animal Operating Clinic under the gaze of the Pyramids in Cairo. Our plans for this have waited a long time to become reality, but our intention remains resolute. News will emerge as this progresses.


Finally for now an apology if there are flaws on this page due to a first re-build with new host software. The links may not be fully functioning, but please copy paste them if they are needed, and any found faulty will be repaired as soon as possible.


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